Shelters and Rescues

Discover how our web application can support collaborative rescue efforts within the animal welfare community.

Organize your shelter

Administrative features allow shelters and rescue groups to access and manage their information centrally for maximum efficiency.

A quick overview

Gain immediate insight via the dashboard overview. View your facility’s tasks, alerts and recent activity including ‘transfer requests’ sent from other rescue groups wishing to transfer animals to their facility.

Manage daily tasks

Set reminders for tasks relating to individual animals (e.g. spay surgery appointment) or alternatively, create a shelter-wide reminder for all members of staff to view.

Connect your website

A simple API connects the Shelter Exchange application to your website allowing you to easily share, display and publicise information held on the application to a wider audience.

Alert the team

Create an alert relating to a specific animal’s needs or alternatively, a shelter-wide notification. Choose the level of alert and add a description e.g. Parvovirus outbreak.

View Reports

Automatically generate and store administrative reports for shelter staff to view. Reports include a monthly summary overview of shelter activity together with monthly and annual counts for key statistics.

Upload animals to &

Automatically publish all of your adoptable animals in Shelter Exchange to & websites. Save your organization time and gain more exposure for your adoptable animals

Manage and share animals

Creating, managing and maintaining documentation for each animal at your facility assists rescue groups in making swift and positive decisions and directs their available resources to animals with the greatest and most urgent needs.

Capture animal details

Create an individual record for each animal and capture all their vital information including: name, age, sex, weight, size, color, microchip number, description and photo. Records can be easily updated and edited as required.

Map your floor plan

Create a virtual floor plan of your facility indicating specific accommodation types, such as crates. Optionally add a location name such as building or room.

Make a note

Add notes to each animal’s record to detail medical, behavioural or general information. Filter and view notes according to those categories.

Track status changes

Monitor all status changes to track an animal’s history. Follow the animal’s progress or monitor timelines, for example from foster through to adoption.

Connecting shelters to rescue groups

By connecting shelters with rescue groups important information can be shared amongst the community and many animals can be spared the fate of euthanasia and increase their opportunities for being re-homed.

Search local shelters

Identify animals currently located at shelters and rescue groups. Search by categories including all active status, foster care, stray hold and rescue candidate. Search geographically via city, zip code or map view.

Manage Contacts

Add and manage your contacts for: Adopter, Foster, Volunteer, Transporter, Veterinarian, Staff and Donors. Attach animal records to specific contacts, track history of animals in your care, and add and view notes about each contact. Import and export capabilities supported via CSV file.

Search animals by euthanasia date

Sort and prioritize animals in sequence according to euthanasia schedules to better direct resources and increase rescue opportunities for those with the most urgent requirements and least amount of time. Filter by animal type, breed and sex.

Saving lives

Connect with specialist rescue groups for animals facing specific or significant challenges such as those dedicated to age-oriented, breed-specific or special needs animals.

View animal details

Review and assess an animals record, notes and history prior to deciding if they would a good fit for your rescue group. Determine any medical or behavioural assistance that may be required to save the animal.

Reassign animal records

If you have transferred or pulled an animal to your facility through Shelter Exchange, the animal’s record, notes and history will automatically be transferred from the original shelter to yours through the Shelter Exchange application, for you to update and manage.

Transfer Requests

Request to transfer an animal to your facility. This feature is designed for rescue groups to transfer animals that may be otherwise scheduled for euthanasia at other shelters.

Sign up your shelter or rescue group to benefit from our free application and be part of the growing community working together to saving more lives.

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