Some Of The Most Beautiful Dog Breeds that Many Pet Lovers don’t Know

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So, you want a dog. You’ve been on the internet for hours, clicking through pages and pages of cute puppies while your heart breaks a little more with each one. It’s ok, No one will judge you. 

We all have our reasons for wanting to give a home to that perfect furry companion who will love us unconditionally or at least until we forget their dinner again. 

And if it helps, just think about this: there are over 400 breeds of dogs in the world- which means there is one out there waiting for YOU! Let me help make your decision easier by introducing you to 30 of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world!

Siberian Husky

The charming, sleek, and elegant appearance of the Siberian husky has made it one of America’s favorite breeds. This breed belongs to the group of dogs with an ancient history as they’ve been used for thousands of years as working dogs in Siberia, and they still serve this same purpose today. 

This breed is specifically known for its intelligent demeanor, beautiful coat quality (typically white), determination as well as loyalty towards its owner. With such an amazing personality, these animals are great for any family as they will always have your back. And what adds more beauty to their looks is when they are mixed with other remarkable breeds to produce some endearing hybrids.


The little ball of fur comes from Germany where people were breeding dogs just like this one for centuries. The Pomeranian is a small, cuddly dog breed that can be found in many different colors, mainly brown and white. 

They have long, silky hair with powder-like fur on their faces and bodies as well which gives them an adorable look. However, the most fascinating thing about this type of puppy maybe its personality! These sweet little guys love nothing more than being around people so make sure you’re ready for lots upon tons of kisses when it comes time to take them home.

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd dogs are known for their herding skills, intelligence, loyalty, and beauty. They have a variety of colors that can be solid or patterned with white markings on the face/ muzzle to form eyebrows which add a little more elegance and grace in their appearance. 

These animals come in both small sizes idealy suited as apartment pets vs large types used primarily by farmers; they make excellent watchdogs because people know how intimidating these guys will look when protecting your home! The personality traits of this breed mainly include being lively & spunky but also showing lots like cuddles from time to time. 


The Dalmatian dog is one of the most beautiful breeds, with its spotted coat and large black facial markings. These dogs can be found in several colors including white, yellowish-brown, or brindle-colored pups who are born without masks but develop more spots over time.

Dalmatian dogs are known for their loyalty and splashy personalities. They’re also very smart, with some even having been trained to lie down on command!

They’re also extroverted animals that like attention from humans! Dalmatians usually get along well with other pets in the home but can sometimes be aloof towards strangers or children because of how private this breed might seem at first glance, yet still, this elegant looking pooch has long been considered as one of the most perfect breeds ever created by people who love dogs – because these pups will show you just how much fun owning an animal can be.

Afghan hound

The Afghan hound is a loyal and friendly dog. They have an independent nature but can be trained to behave well around people or other animals if it’s necessary for their work as security dogs (which includes surveillance).

The long coat on this breed makes them look more elegant than most types of Hounds out there–though many might say “elegant” doesn’t quite describe how truly beautiful these creatures are in person! The perfect mix between finesse and power plus great strength means that the Afghan hound not only protects its owner from any potential threats nearby; he’ll also take care of all sorts’ dangers – even bears!!


Papillion dogs are friendly and easy-to-care-for-breed. They come in different colors, such as sable or black pups with liver-colored markings on either side of their noses. They have wavy hair like a lion’s mane that is also beard-like in appearance but not as thick; their eyes can sometimes seem sad or lonely when you first meet them because this breed has an expression similar to someone wearing shades at night. These are adorable, intelligent dogs with a friendly and energetic spirit, which means they need plenty of exercises.

The Papillon dog breed traits include intelligence that allows them to easily adapt from city life when needed or out exploring environments such as rural areas near rivers–but they’re always ready for whatever comes next with this resilient friend by your side.

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is one of the most beautiful dogs in existence and has been known for centuries. These dogs were originally bred in England to find and fetch gold rings!

These loyal friends will be there when you need them, no matter what happens- they’re incredibly loving creatures with soft golden fur (like their namesake) crinkly smiles on happy faces. They have an outer coat that usually comes in gold, brown, or black while on their face they usually come with a white muzzle and ears which contrasts beautifully against its rich fur coloration. 

Bernese Shepherd

Bernese Shepherds have a muscular, compact appearance with long hair which enhances the beauty of their perfect figure. They typically come in shades of black and white or tricolor combinations including silver-grey, a red-brown bone color pattern commonly known as “tri”.

Bernese Shepherds make great pets. These dogs have a very gentle nature that makes them perfect for families with children or other animals, as they will never try to hurt anything else in the house and are quite easy-going with people of any age or size. 

Being used by farmers since centuries ago Bernese shepherds can protect your flock from intruders if needed but also act like loyal friends looking out over their master’s shoulder all day long no matter where he goes.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is one of the most adorable breeds on earth. These dogs have an appearance similar to that of a small, sleek, and tidy terrier with its straight and elegant flowing tail, carrying up knots at either end; stifles rounded like discs in shape—hence why they are also known as “bellhops” for their chime-like sounds when walking or running (although not always).

This dog breed has button eyes and long hair that can be curly or straight and comes in a variety of colors, typically black, liver (liver masking), and wheaten orange cream marked varieties known as “piebalds.

This breed’s personality means someone should interact with them on their terms their nature is full of friendliness and playfulness. They get along well with other dogs but can be stubborn at times because they want to dominate or boss people around just like their human partners.


Pekinese is a sleek, compact, and very beautiful dog with long flowing hair like silk. They have almond-shaped eyes, sleek curves of neck and body like an hourglass figure in their posture when they’re alert or moving around which makes them quite elegant looking as well! 

They are known for their intelligence, alertness to sounds such as footsteps or barkings in the distance which makes them great watchdogs!

They enjoy the company of humans and are usually very well behaved but can sometimes be aloof towards other animals or children if they don’t know them yet – generally speaking though this breed will get along great in your home!

Its personality traits revolve around being friendly, playful (but not too boisterous!) happy go lucky kind-hearted individualists who love their family unconditionally.

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkie is a small, playful, and energetic breed. The factor that makes them one of the most beautiful dog breeds is the short coats that come in various colors or patterns such as brindle spots on the head, brown (and sometimes black) coloring at paws with white fur around their eyes giving them an appearance similar to humans wearing sunglasses!

A Yorkshire terrier may seem like an aloof breed at first glance but they’re actually very social with people who have earned his trust over time by showing kindness in return. A toy-licking machine (I’ll just leave that one on record), he also enjoys playing games such as fetch or hide & seek which gives him something active to do during long walks outside, a perfect match for someone looking for a loving canine companion.

Akita Inu

The Akita Inu is one of the most elegant dogs in existence. They have a long, lean body with small ears that stand up and almond-shaped eyes to match their shapely head or nose–it all comes together for an attractive look no matter what you’re on top! Moreover, they come in different variations of color with short-haired coats, giving you a little more free space for choice. 

The Akita Inu is known for its loyalty to the family. It’s an active and curious breed, but it can also be stubborn at times when chasing small animals such as rabbits or squirrels that run from them!

They can be tough, but they are also very loving dogs with an affectionate nature that loves attention from their family members or friends. These intelligent canine companions have been known to show sensitivity in how others feel about them- sometimes even becoming depressed if someone doesn’t treat them well!

Japan Chin

Japan Chin is one of the most beautiful dogs in Japan that’s been named after the country it comes from. Famous in Japan for being friendly and loving, this breed has also given rise to other breeds like Shiba Inu which originated when humans bred them with Chinese Spaniel dogs centuries ago!

This breed has been bred with certain personality traits to create an endearing pet that’s always ready to listen and provide love in return. It is a serious, no-nonsense breed that is intelligent and alert but also stubborn with strong tempers that can flare at the drop of hat!

They enjoy intelligent activities such as puzzles or tug o’ war (they’ll often play games between themselves). These dogs want your attention when you’re out running errands so make sure not to leave them home alone for too long periods during work hours if possible

Hungarian Kuvasz

The Hungarian Kuvasz is a sleek, well-shaped dog with muscular shoulders and hips, having long legs, high shoulders with strong front paws that act like hands for the rear ones. It has a strong neck that forms an elegant line to its head or skull when looking up at you while standing still for inspection from above (or nose down if on all four legs). 

This breed’s coat can come in many different colors including black, red/fawn markings over white fur; liver grounds mixed browns such as wheaten coloration) but their most popular hue seems to be rust which ranges anywhere between honey gold yellow tones during summer months.

As for the personality, the Hungarian Kuvasz is a fierce and loyal pet. These brave dogs have been bred to be both protective of their family as well on guard at all times, making them excellent watchdogs! The docile nature of these canines means they’re best suited for families with kids as well the aged ones.

Chow Chow

They say that dogs come in all shapes and sizes, but this breed really does have its own distinct look making it one of the most handsome guys out there. The hairs on these little pooches’ bodies are quite dense, thick, and rough with an undercoat to keep them warm during cold weather or if it gets wet! 

Their fur color ranges from tan (with dark patches) black-andomese combinations like red coat + white paws; cream-colored pups with blue eyes or green brindle colors etc., depending on what genes were passed down by parents when they bred together.

Chow chows were bred by ancient Chinese statesmen who needed assistance while traveling through rugged terrain. Though known for their loyalty and skills with hunting, Chow Chows makes excellent family dogs as well. These playful pups can adapt pretty quickly when they are introduced into new environments or have an unfamiliar person in charge!

Sheltie Shetland Shepherd  

Sheltie Shetland Shepherd is also one of the good-looking dogs which you might wanna consider. They have long, flowing hair and are often white in color with brown markings on their back or sides that give them an unusual appearance and makes them stand out among other breeds of dogs! The pointed face of these dogs resembles with that of the hounds but has a slight difference though.  These unique characteristics make these pups perfect for all sorts of terrain.

Shelties are an excellent choice for those who want a dog with intelligence and independence. They can easily adapt to new environments and are people-oriented dogs, which often causes them to excel in agility trials or herding sheep! They are also known for their ability to detect intruders, which makes them excellent guard dogs.


Leonberger is a giant-sized, tri-colored dog with striking black markings on its chest and face. It is a handsome dog breed with an elongated head, diamond-shaped black nose, and deep jowls. They have an elegant look and an expressive face that makes them perfect for show dogs or those who want to present themselves in the best light possible!

Along with their beautiful show-dog appearance, they also make a perfect family pet, especially for small families as they are loyal, and enjoy being surrounded by people. The Leonberger is often called the king of all dogs. A good-looking, elegant breed with an air that commands attention to themselves and their handler in any room they enter! 

The personality traits for this noble canine include being intelligent but not “book smart” like many other breeds – rather it’s more about intuition; loyalty above everything else. Even though they can be aggressive with other dogs or cats in certain circumstances but they’re usually great for families looking to spoil their pets!

Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan malamute is quite an impressive and handsome-looking dog. They have the lupine appearance of an Arctic Wolf, but with comparatively shorter fur that makes them look more like cute cuddly teddy bears than fierce predators! They appeal to most people because of their long, furry coats and soulful brown eyes with face markings similar to that of the husky.

The Alaskan malamute is a wonderful pet for families. It gets along well with children, as long they are raised right and have plenty of love to give it! The dogs can be very active if given the chance, so make sure you take care when walking on busy sidewalks or playing fetch in front yards near passerby’s houses since this activity doesn’t need much room as most other larger breeds would require.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inus are one of the traditional Japanese dogs alongside Akita Inu. They are listed in the top ten handsome dogs with Japanese ancestry. This breed has pointy ears that can sit atop their head like a hat, charmingly almond-shaped eyes with dark brown or black centers surrounded by golden brown fur; longish hair that requires regular grooming but has an elegant curl pattern when done right (and who doesn’t love free time in the morning?!); and another playful quality common among Shibe’s-their trademark smile, all these factors that contribute in making it one of the beautiful dog breeds.

Apart from their looks, Shiba Inus also has a charming personality. These dogs are intelligent, loyal creatures who love company but can be aloof with strangers or other pets in their pack if they feel threatened by them due to how protective these animals may seem when living among many members. In addition to being loyal and loving, the Shiba Inu is also known for their curiosity, hence you’ll always find exploring every bit of your house with 9 lives in mind.


There are a number of reasons why the Havanese is considered to be one of the most beautiful dogs in terms of appearance. They have a sleek, tapered, and compact little body with an understated facial structure with expressive large eyes and ears that stand out to give them characterful expressions on both sides, as well as long hair that’s silky smooth like silk curtains on an open window. They are typically white-liver chestnut in color and have a black mask around their eyes to give them that unique look!

Apart from its beautiful appearance, Havanese is also a perfect match for the ones looking for a loving little Fido companion. This small and adorable breed has an affectionate personality that will make your life much more lively than before! 

They’re smart, active, and playful. In addition to being intelligent dogs with an excellent attitude towards people (friendliness!), these little guys can be easily trained because their hearing is sensitive enough for them not only to hear conversations but also understand what they say — which makes training much easier than it would otherwise have been.


If you are looking for a beautiful little toy-bred dog that you can keep as a decoration, then Maltese is the one to go. They have sleek little bodies with a luxurious coat that requires little maintenance and has soft velvet-like treads on their feet for traction! You can also find them in many different colors such as black or brown which make up what we call “The Check Mark Coat.”

Apart from all these wonderful appearance traits, they are intelligent too and can make the best family pets. One of the best things about Maltese is that they’re not afraid of humans and can be easily trained, even from day 1. They can be snuggly and friendly, but also know when it’s appropriate for an interaction- like feeding time!


Poodles have been bred for centuries by breeders who wanted an elegant, beautiful, smart companion with long flowing hair like their prized carriage horses and so these little dogs are perfect candidates in our book!

With markings similar to goldens and Spaniels but unique wrinkles on each set of ears plus feathered tails that end curl at the very tip make them stand out from all others when walking down any street or patio path alike; you’ll never find anyone who doesn’t think they’re gorgeous once seen up close. 

And what adds up the uniqueness is that poodles are the only dogs that come in a variety of different sizes, from large to medium-sized, toy and even miniature ones to meet the requirements of different people. 

When it comes to whether they are a good family pet or not? Then poodles are by far the best companion for almost anyone, even if you are a first-time owner or an experienced one, poodle will work for everyone. These dogs were specifically meant to be family dogs, which makes them the best addition for families with children and adults of all ages.

Coton De Tulear

Coton De Tulear is known for its long flowing hair that can be of any color from black and tan to gray or white with specks of brown here and there! They even come with a short-haired version.  These adorable little creatures are rather cuddly and cute with their innocent facial expression and teddy-bear-like bodies.

As for their nature, The Coton De Tulear is a friendly, loyal and playful breed of dog. They are considered good family pets due to their loving nature as well as being quite so they don’t bother other members of the household or cause noise when not at playtime with children!


The Bolognese dog is a small-sized breed that was developed in Italy. The dogs have cuddly little bodies covered with dense fur, with short legs, and flat facial features. This breed greatly resembles Yorkshire in appearance and is often misunderstood for the latter one.

However, Bolognese has its own distinguished features that make it unique and one of its kind. The Bolognese dog is an ancient breed that was developed to hunt boar. These beautiful canines are known for their long fur, large ears, and wrinkly face markings similar to those found on pigs!

Bolognese is a good family dog because it’s generally calm and easy-going, not too stubborn or high maintenance. It will follow commands with ease while also remaining confident in its own abilities to know what it needs before you even say so!


The Kuchi dogs, similar to that of Korean Mastiff is a rare breed of giant herding dog that was developed in Afghanistan. The tall stature and distinct square-shaped profile are what make this type so unique among many others around the world!

Kuchi dogs represent the perfect balance of beauty, power, and size. The long neck is one indication that these imposing canines have been bred for centuries to be a guardian of their villages or estates from intruders like bandits who would try to take advantage while they’re vulnerable without protection nearby; you don’t want anything happening where there’s such delectable prey!

With such a strong, attractive body and an aggressive nature, Kuchi though makes a perfect dog breed to represent beauty but is not quite as safe for a family pet. You can’t expect Kuchi to bear children or any other intruder at all, though they will listen to your every command.

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is a small, wrinkly breed that may be white or liver in color. It is a beautiful and elegant breed of dog that was originally bred in China. They have long satin fur, white paws with black toes on them; as well as almond-shaped eyes set beneath delicate eyebrows. This unique physical trait gives the Shih Tzus their signature style which has helped make it one of America’s favorite breeds!

They are known for being friendly, energetic, and curious personalities – perfect qualities if you’re looking for an active Fido to add to your family as they are easily trained, independent dogs that require little maintenance and can be great with children or other pets in your household if they’re socialized early on about interactions between people/canines.


The pug has an adorable face with a curly tail, no-hair, and they’re known for their short muzzle. There are many color variations of this breed including fawn or black hues–but it’s not just about the colors! They also boast beautiful muscles which make them look very muscular on top of having such cute features as cuddly stuffed toys.

On top of everything, pugs make great family pets. They are adorable, and often will be the first pet that many people get. They require little maintenance – which means you’ll have more time to enjoy with your Fido at home instead of outside playing in bad weather or taking care of their needs while out running errands with its owner. 

Pugs also don’t bark much so they won’t bother any neighbors (or sleeping companions). The only thing left for owners who decide on getting a pug as an addition is making sure everyone enjoys life together by keeping up activities like walks around town when possible.


What makes the Samoyed a beautiful dog is its thick fur that covers most of it. The unique thing about this Siberian dog breed is that the fur of this pooch has nine distinct layers of hair, making them outstanding among all the long-coat Fido’s. Moreover, they have bright eyes of various colors and an elegant nose on their muzzle that adds up its elegance. 

They make perfect family pets due to their friendly and playful nature, but they can also get lonely if you’re not around for long periods of time or don’t give them enough attention! Which means they aren’t a perfect fit for the ones with busy schedule.

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is a type of small dog with curly hair and white fur that resembles with poodles the most. The most noticeable feature is its round black eyes which give them an angelic look and makes people want to take care of these dogs as if they were their babies! What adds up more cuteness to this dog is that it looks like cotton candy with a button nose and wrinkles on it.

The Bichon Frise is a cheerful, lively dog that can be quite independent. They make great family pets due to their affectionate personalities and curious natures! Its small size makes it easy for the little ones in your house, as well as its short coat that doesn’t shed and requires virtually no maintenance!

German Shepherd

The German shepherd is one of the most beautiful dog breeds on earth which everyone agrees to. The German shepherd’s long lupine coat with black markings (mainly of the face) and large erect ears are its signature looks that make them stand out in a crowd.

But what makes the German shepherd be on the list is its athletic body (with posterior legs a bit shorter than the front ones) which is for sure the biggest reason behind this Fido’s elegant beauty.

What makes them great family pets is that they are intelligent, loyal, and friendly toward their owners as well as other people in the household. The best part about this breed? You can train them to do anything! that’s why most people are often cross breeding the german shepherd with other breeds to get the best of both worlds.


All of the puppies are beautiful, but some breeds stand out as being more photogenic than others. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular and oft-cited dog breeds that we think will turn heads with their glamorous looks. Whether you’re looking for a new companion or just want to see which puppy is cutest, our list should help you pick! Which breed do you think has the best hair? Post your thoughts below in comments so we can discuss!

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