Ava On Hold - Custody

Dog:  Beagle & German Shepherd Dog Mix


  • Age: Adult

  • Sex:Female (Sterilized)

  • Weight:20

  • Size:Medium

  • Color:Cream and White

Special Needs:

Needs a patient home that will help her. She needs protected from things that are too excitable like children.


Ava is a beautiful warm loving girl that needs help being socialized. She loves her people and gets along with other dogs. But she will growl if things are to excitable, like small children. She has never bitten, she just doesn't know how to trust all the way and needs continued help with that. She can even grow to love and trust her own kids, but needs an understanding loving home.

Please contact Tails of Hope Animal Rescue for more information on how to adopt Ava.

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