Curly Sue Adopted

Dog:  Bichon Frise & Poodle Mix


  • Age: Adult (about 11 years)

  • Sex:Female (Sterilized)

  • Weight:12 lbs

  • Size:Small

  • Color:Grey,Black and White


Hi I was rescued off of the busy street on US 27 in Miami Traffic would not stop even though they saw me in the road I thought I was going to meet my maker and had no hope for survival. Then 1 Lucky Dog Rescuer Jessie was driving by and she thought she saw me wasn't sure did a U turn and jumped out of her truck and stopped traffic and a gentleman jumped out of his truck and asked her if she needed help to grab me. He went to grab me I was scared and weak I rolled over on my back and Jessie grabbed me in a towel and took me to her rescue. I smelled bad bc Jessie was gagging we got to the rescue and it took 5 baths to make me clean as possible. I still smelled bad but we weren't sure why. Then on a day Jessie noticed I was urinating alot but in drops so off to the vet we went. I've never been to one this one was a nice vet she was saying poor baby to me and she didn't even know me. They ran some test and found I was spayed but my teeth were a rotten mess and I had a UTI so off we left with medications to make me feel better. As time went by after the antibiotics were done I was still not right then we went back to the vet and did xrays to find I had two large bladder stones that's what's been blocking me from having a normal urine flow. Now we were in a bind bc nobody sends in donations to the rescue so we had no funds for this kind of surgery. So we left and Jessie started posting to raise funds for me. My surgery would be $400.00 so in the meantime I was eating prescription diet food that I liked and some meds. We raised the money within a weeks time and off I went to surgery, no matter what through this whole ordeal I always wagged my tail to let the humans know I appreciated them and loved them even though we just met. After surgery I went back to the rescue and rested quietly for a few days then I was up and about and playing with my friends here which I couldn't really do before bc I was in pain and always slept to stay quiet. So now that I am all better I need to find a family to continue showing me love and care for me.

If you are interested in meeting Curly Sue contact me or call/ text 786-486-4188

Please contact 1 Lucky Dog Rescue, Inc. for more information on how to adopt Curly Sue.