Some Most Beautiful Dog Breeds that Many Pet Lovers don’t Know

I know you want a dog. You’ve been on the internet for hours, clicking through pages and pages of cute puppies while your heart breaks a little more with each one. It’s ok, I won’t judge you.  We all have our reasons for wanting to give a home to that perfect furry companion who will … Read more

11 Healthy Tips to Fatten Up Your Dog Quickly

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How to Build Muscle on a Pitbull Puppy | Pitbull Muscle Hacks

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6 Pros Cons Of Owning a Dachshund

Dachshunds, sometimes known as wiener or sausage dogs, are one of the oldest dog breeds around. While their long backs and short legs can make them look a little strange, they also belong to one of the most lovable dog breeds, and it’s easy to see why. This breed is well-known for its adorable short … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Egg Whites | Plus & Minus | Learn if They’re Safe

Hi there, fellow dog lover! I’m excited to share with you my personal experience with egg whites and if they’re safe for your pup.  Growing up in a family of farmers, our dogs were fed raw egg whites as well as their shells from the chickens we raised.  My mother was always careful to include … Read more

Find the Best Dog Food for a Sensitive Stomach | A Shocking Names Revealed

Unusual Vomiting, loose stools, and constant whining is the sign that your dog is suffering from a sensitive stomach. Domestic dogs have ten times greater chances of developing sensitive stomach than that of stray ones. The biggest reason behind this is the difference in their food. While street dogs are so used to eat anything … Read more

Causes of Weight Loss in Dogs that Many Don’t Know

Weight loss in dogs is entirely a normal phase. Only if it is due to the growth changes in its body. Sudden weight changes in canines are really something problematic and sometimes, even life-threatening. As long as your dog is losing weight at a moderate rate due to the following reasons, you don’t have to … Read more