How To Stop Your Dog From Barking | A Simple Trick Many Don’t Aware of

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Dogs are a lot of fun, but they can also be loud and annoying most of the time. Barking is a common issue that many dog owners face. Barking can be loud and annoying to your neighbors, or it might just drive you crazy! 

To solve the problem, dog behavioral specialists have come up with many different tips and tricks to help dog owners stop their dogs from barking. 

In this blog post, we have mentioned a few that you can try today, or tomorrow when your dog barks for the tenth time in an hour!

However, before getting to know how to stop your dog from barking, it’s important to identify why your dog really barks. If there is something that is annoying him then you must first eliminate the issue, otherwise, dog barking will continue.

So let’s have a look at the reasons why dogs typically bark and then move forward to different methods of coping with all those unnecessary barks.

Major Reasons Why Dogs Mostly Barks

It’s important to note that dog barking is a dog’s way of expressing his or her feelings, so no matter which reason behind dog barking you discover after reading this article, in the end, all you need in order to solve your dog’s annoying barking problems are patience and practice.

Here are some common reasons why dogs bark:

Anxiety: Some dog owners might not be aware of the fact that dog anxiety is a common cause of dog barking. The bark of dogs with anxiety issues can be really loud and annoying. Such dog owners should consider getting dog medications to calm their dogs down. 

Attention-seeking behavior: Dog owners often give their dogs too much attention for barking, but at the same time, they give them very little attention when the dog stops barking. This creates a bad habit that can be really hard to break later on in life. 

So the only solution to this problem is that you should break the connection between barks and attention. Let your dog feel that you won’t give him any attention when he barks, so that he can break the bridge between the two.

Boredom: If your dog does not get enough exercise throughout the day, chances are he or she will bark due to boredom and lack of activity. Therefore, to cope with this problem, you must consider scheduling a proper workout and playtime routine.

Dominance: As strange as it may sound, many dog experts believe that dog barks due to dominance, especially when dog barking is directed at strangers or other pets. He may feel that a stranger or another animal is trying to dominate his territory. So, in order to solve dog barking problems due to dominance, you need to provide your dog with complete comfort.

Feels Threatened: 

Dog barking can also be a dog’s instinctive reaction towards someone or something that dog perceives as a threat. If your dog barks because he feels threatened by either you, your family members, or even the mailman then it might be a good idea to talk with a professional dog trainer about it.

Different Tips and Tricks to Stop Your Dog from Barking

Many dog owners believe that dog barking problems can be solved by just buying a dog bark collar, but as you can see, dog barking is a lot more complicated than it might seem at first glance.

That being said, there are plenty of things that dog owners can do in order to stop their dogs from barking. We have chosen a few dog barking tips mentioned down there that dog owners can try today.

Establish a dog training routine

It’s important to note that dog barking problems cannot be solved without the help of proper training routine. In order to stop your dog from barking, you need to establish a dog training routine and include a few exercises for each dog bark prevention method listed below. 

For dog training to be effective, dog owners should consider doing dog training daily for at least one to two hours per day. This dog bark collar is great for dog training.

Be patient

This is often the hardest part for dog owners because it’s very hard to be calm when your dog barks nonstop, but if you really want to achieve success, then patience is key.

Distraction method

Distraction methods are the most suggested of all solutions by professional dog trainers. The idea behind this method is simple, you just have to distract your dog by making him or her focus on something else other than barking.

For example, if your dog barks when you are eating, try giving him or her a few treats so that he or she will pay attention to the food instead. 

Confinement method

Another how to stop dog barking tip is to keep your dog in certain rooms throughout the day every time he barks. This will help your dog to associate barking with being isolated. In other words, you are training your dog to stop barking as a form of communication.

In some cases, confining a dog that barks excessively is enough for the problem to resolve itself over time, but in some other cases, it might be necessary to seek professional assistance from a dog trainer or behaviorist.

Leash training method

Leash training is also known as “leash correction” by many professional trainers. This technique works for stopping dogs from barking because you can physically show your dog what he or she should do instead of barking all the time by pulling the leash gently towards your direction each time your dog starts to bark uncontrollably at other people or animals passing by.

Rewarding or Reinforcement method: 

This dog training method is one of the most popular ones among dog owners. For it to work, you’ll have to teach your dog some tricks and then reward him or her with treats every time they stop barking for a certain period of time. There are lots of great tutorials online on how dog owners can teach their dogs simple (and sometimes even complex) dog tricks. 

Dog Silencer

There are lots of dog bark control devices on the market today like dog bark collars, dog training clickers, and dog barking deterrents, etc. It all depends on the dog owner’s preferences and dog barking problems, however the most effective of all are the silencers. 

According to dog training experts, dog silencers are one of the easiest dog barking solutions. Modern dog silencers are designed in a way that they trigger dogs’ natural instincts, making them stop barking for good. This works perfectly when combined with regular training sessions and is great for teaching dogs how not to bark excessively the clock. 

Combining dog training with dog bark collars

Using dog bark collars is one of the many ways to stop your dog from barking. However, it’s important to note that not all dog bark collars are created equal and some of the time, only bark collars alone won’t work at all, so you can combine them with dog bark control training. 

We recommend dog owners to work with dog bark collars that feature remote controls and adjustable intensity settings which give dog owners the ability to stop their dogs from barking even if they’re not at home.

Anti-bark sprays

These sprays work by releasing citronella whenever you spray it on your dog every time he barks. Its smell is very disturbing for dogs and they eventually learn to stop barking through this unpleasant experience. 

Ignoring method

As dog training experts explain, dog barking can also be solved by dog owners simply ignoring their dog’s annoying barking. If you stop paying attention to your dog when he or she starts barking excessively, chances are they will eventually learn that it does not work and will stop barking gradually.

Yelling method

This might sound a bit strange at first but yelling and shouting at dogs often works as a good dog bark deterrent. However, we recommend getting professional dog training first before trying this method on your own. You should never yell at a dog without having prior experience with dog training because this could actually worsen the situation and cause more problems in the future. 

Tug Method

The tug method is perfect for larger breeds of dogs that don’t respond very well to dog training clickers or silencers.

Basically how it works is that you make your dog pull on the tug when he or she barks excessively and stops for 30 seconds when they are quiet. 

This is one of the most effective methods because dogs love to play with toys so it’s also one of the easiest ways how to stop a dog from barking at night when they are not tired.

Prevention method

Preventing a dog from barking excessively is also a great way how to stop a dog from barking. One of the most effective ways how to prevent dogs from barking is by providing them with plenty of toys that they can play with during their free time. 

If you make them tired during the day, they will only bark when there’s really something wrong and this won’t happen too often. 

Things You Should Never Do When Your Dog Barks Ex

  • Overreacting to the barking: If you freak out every time your dog barks excessively, this will only reinforce their bad behavior and make them bark even more next time around. Act naturally when they misbehave so they can learn what is acceptable and what’s not.
  • Trying to punish them every time they bark: Unless you catch your dog in action while he or she is misbehaving or causing trouble, it’s hard to tell where exactly the barking is coming from. Punishing the dog after the fact won’t teach him anything so try doing some productive training instead of yelling at them all the time.
  • Allowing them to bark excessively when outside: It’s important to remember that dogs bark because of a reason and if they’re allowed to bark without getting corrected, it will only make the barking worse. Make sure you always stop your dog from barking excessively when he or she is outside and teach them what can be done in public and whatnot.
  • Leaving them alone for too long when indoors: One of the main reasons why dogs start barking when they are left alone is because they suffer from separation anxiety when their owner leaves them behind. If you really must leave them alone for a few hours, make sure you give them enough toys and attention before leaving the house otherwise they will start barking excessively and keep you up all night long.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are numerous ways how to stop a dog from barking and some of them work better than others depending on how bad the situation actually is and how motivated the dog owner is to find the right solution. 

Just keep in mind that doing all possible things at once to stop a dog from barking at once might not be the best idea because it will only lead to confusion and frustration on your part. 

That’s why it’s always a good idea to start with the more simple methods to stop dogs from barking and move forward once you’ve made some progress. You should also keep in mind that every dog is different, so some may get trained faster than others.

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