Causes of Weight Loss in Dogs that Many Don’t Know

Weight loss in dogs is entirely a normal phase. Only if it is due to the growth changes in its body. Sudden weight changes in canines are really something problematic and sometimes, even life-threatening. As long as your dog is losing weight at a moderate rate due to the following reasons, you don’t have to … Read more

How to Build Muscle on a Pitbull Puppy | Pitbull Muscle Hacks

You might have seen those mighty and handsome muscular Pit bulls on a dog display show. Although you would’ve appreciated it, still a part of you must have felt a bit jealous too! Why isn’t my pup like that? A lot of people can relate to this question.  Caring for an animal can be difficult … Read more

11 Healthy Tips to Fatten Up Your Dog Quickly

So, you want your dog to have a flat stomach? No, the opposite? Okay, so you want to add up a little more meat on its bones instead. When it comes to weight management in dogs, most people relate it to reducing it. But what if that’s not the issue, what if a dog needs … Read more

How to Stop My Dog from Eating Cat Poop | Find Different Ways

You can’t have spent much time on the internet these last few days without being faced with a viral video of a dog eating cat poop. Seriously, it’s everywhere. In some videos, the dog is snarling and growling as they bite down on the cat feces in their mouth, while others show scared-looking cats or … Read more

Bark Collar vs Training Collar | What Is The Difference?

As both the bark collar and training collar are designed to do somewhat similar but not exactly the same, many people have a difficult time distinguishing between the two. However, even though they might appear the same, there is a significant difference in both design and function that set the bark collar and training collar … Read more