Reduce Your Dog’s Hair Loss with Deshedding Shampoo | A Simple Hack

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Dogs lose hair from time to time. It’s a natural process and helps the dog look better because it doesn’t have matted fur coating its entire body. Some dogs might shed so much, though, that you have to groom them every day just to maintain their good looks.

The problem is that frequent grooming can be too time-consuming for you. Why not try de-shedding shampoo? It’s a product that helps control your dog’s hair loss and it comes in different formulations. You can choose from shampoos for dry coats, moistened coats, or even sensitive skin.

The shampoo might have special ingredients that are designed to remove dead hairs gently so your dog will not experience any discomfort. It should also help keep your dog’s skin healthy, give it a shiny coat, and make it smell great.

So, if you’re looking for a de-shedding shampoo, here are the top 5 options that might be worth a try.

What to Look for in a Dog De-Shedding Shampoo – A Detailed Buying Guide before Making a Purchase

Before you step out in the market to make your purchase, it is very crucial that you look for some tips on what factors to look out for in your dog’s de-shedding shampoo. This article is thus meant to help you in the process. Keep reading!

Dog de-shedding shampoo can be of great help if your dog has problems with hair loss or an unruly coat. There are different types of shampoos that claim to offer various benefits, but there is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to pet care.

  • One of the most important things that you should look out for when shopping for an effective de-shedding shampoo is the inclusion of natural oils such as Argan oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oil in their formula. These oils help to nourish your pet’s skin and coat while leaving it soft and smooth. The best way to use these shampoos is by washing them off within a few minutes after application.
  • While you are on the lookout for that perfect de-shedding shampoo, look out for shampoos that have been specially formulated to remove dead hair from your dog’s undercoat without making the top-coat soggy. This ensures that your dog’s fur is left gleaming without any residue. The shampoo should also have a great smell so that the whole process of bathing your dog becomes pleasant for both you and him/her.
  • The next factor to consider while looking for the perfect de-shedding shampoo for your pet would be to check out its pH levels. The shampoo you choose should ideally be neither too acidic nor alkaline as this will impact the health of your pet’s skin and fur.
  • Finally, look for shampoos that contain ingredients such as Vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids to reduce shedding and promote healthy skin and a shiny coat by increasing blood circulation in your dog’s skin.

5 Best Deshedding Shampoo for Dogs – Reviewed

1. Burt’s Bees for Dogs Shed Control Shampoo with Omega 3 and Vitamin E

The Burt’s Bees for Dogs Shed Control Dog Shampoo with Omega 3 and Vitamin E is a safe, natural shampoo that will reduce the amount of hair your dog drops while strengthening its fur.

OMEGA-3s help keep skin and coats healthy and moisturized. They also reduce itchiness and dander. This product only uses natural ingredients to help reduce shedding and strengthen fur while moisturizing your dog’s skin and coat.

In addition, Burt’s Bees is pH balanced to be safe on dogs’ sensitive skin. The shampoo does not contain sulfates, dyes, or harsh chemicals that can irritate your dog’s eyes or dry out its skin. It is free of parabens as well.

It really has a pleasing aroma that is not too strong and does a great job of stimulating a dog’s skin. It makes your pet’s coat pleasant to touch, shiny, and healthy-looking without being greasy.

Many customers agree that this shampoo is effective for reducing shedding. One customer said their German shepherd has very thick fur which means she sheds a lot. They were amazed when they used the Burt’s Bees shampoo and found hairs stuck to their dog’s coat after bathing her.


  • This shampoo is natural and safe
  • Helps reduce shedding
  • Contains Omega 3s to increase fur strength and shine
  • perfect for sensitive skin and dandruff


  • A few customers reported that its scent doesn’t transfer to dogs
  • The bottle isn’t leak-proof

2. FURminator Ultra-Premium Deshedding Shampoos and Conditioners

Properly cleansing your pet is incredibly important for their skin and coat. This shampoo not only cleans but also reduces shedding by alleviating the undercoat. Enriched with Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids, Calendula Extract, and Papaya Leaf Extract, you and your pup will both appreciate this shampoo.

This shampoo is a vital part of a monthly grooming regimen. The FURminator lineup of deShedding tools, grooming tools, hair care products, bathing, and hygiene solutions broadens and enhances the FURminator Deshedding experience for pet parents and their pets.

The FURminator Deshedding Ultra-Premium Shampoo reduces excessive shedding by reducing the undercoat during the bath. FURminator products are the only tools guaranteed to reduce shedding better than any brush, comb, or rake without damaging the topcoat.

Furthermore, FURminator deShedding Ultra-Premium Shampoo is soap-free and rinses clean, so it won’t leave a residue in your pet’s coat. This shampoo contains no parabens or chemical dyes so you can be certain it is safe for you and your pet.


  • Reduces shedding
  • Improves the appearance of pets coat
  • Promotes healthy skin and coat
  • No parabens or chemical dyes
  • aromatic smell


  • Might dry out some dogs
  • May not suit some skin types

3. TropiClean PerfectFur Combination Coat Shampoo for Dogs, 16oz –

The TropiClean PerfectFur Combination Coat Shampoo is a shampoo made from naturally derived ingredients, which means it won’t hurt your beloved furry friend. It is made for dogs with long hair at the ears, tail, and legs as well as a short double coat on the body.

This shampoo firstly cleanses deep within your dog’s fur to make it soft and shiny. Then the natural moisturizers help to reduce shedding with regular use, leaving their fur smooth and healthy-looking.

It is one of the most effective dog shampoos for dogs who are constantly scratching themselves due to allergies. The ingredients cleanse, deodorize, and also reduce itchiness, therefore reducing the urge to scratch and creating healthier skin.

The TropiClean shampoo also has vitamins to help strengthen the hair follicles, which leads to less hair falling out in general. The anti-inflammatory properties calm the dog’s skin and reduce any redness and irritation caused by scratching.

It is one of the best de-shedding shampoos for removing loose hair. If your dog’s shedding is out of control, this shampoo will definitely help to reduce the amount of undercoat hair he loses. Additionally, it also helps to prevent matting and tangling in long-haired pups. So, if your dog has a matted coat this shampoo might even be able to repair some of the damage.


  • Makes fur soft and shiny.
  • help to reduce shedding with regular use
  • Contains vitamins to strengthen the hair follicles
  • Calms and soothes the dog’s skin
  • Helps to prevent matting and tangling
  • Eliminates odor and itching


  • Comparatively pricier than the other products
  • Complain of leakage in some bottles receive

4. Shed Defender Shed Defense Shampoo for Dogs and Cats

The Shed Defender Shed Defense Shampoo is an effective and organic shampoo that can help in reducing shedding and balding in your pets. It is a plant-based formula from a veterinarian recommended to reduce excessive shedding from the coat of your dog.

It contains Omega 3&6 and Vitamin E for strengthening the hair roots while removing loose hair, moisturizing dry flaky skin, and replenishing natural oils to enhance the shine in your pet’s fur.

This Shed Defense Shampoo is a safe and effective pet shampoo filled with high-quality ingredients that are plant-based and cruelty-free. It has no parabens, sulfates, alcohol, artificial dyes, or fragrances and is made in the USA.

What is unique about this shampoo is its chamomile scent that will calm your dog and make the bathing time a calming experience. It also helps in reducing the stress and anxiety of your pet during bathing time.

You can make use of this shampoo with confidence because it is a money-back guarantee product if you’re not satisfied with its results. It has been tested by dermatologists and has proven effective for controlling shedding from dogs.

This high-quality product is suitable for both pups and cats. Furthermore, it is also PAW IT FORWARD because a portion of the sales goes to animal shelters in need which means that they will also benefit from your purchase.


  • A veterinarian recommended organic shampoo for shedding
  • Strengthen the hair roots while removing loose hair
  • Replenishing natural oils enhance the shine in your pet’s fur
  • Safe and effective with its plant-based formula


  • Price is a bit high
  • The shipping and bottle manufacturing needs some work enhancement

5. Shed-X Shed Control Shampoo for Dogs

The Shed-X Shed Control Shampoo is a great way to reduce shedding and promote skin and coat health in your dog. The shampoo infuses the skin and coats it with amino acids, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, Vitamins A, D, and E, antioxidants while gently cleansing and releasing excess hair.

This shampoo is best used when paired with Shed-X’s conditioner which you can find here. This shampoo set will help reduce excess hair while leaving your dog’s coat clean, soft, and shiny.

Its long-lasting fragrance will leave your dog smelling amazing and feeling amazing. And not just this, this shampoo for shedding is effective and affordable. With SynergyLab’s Shed-X products, you can purchase premium dog supplies without having to break the bank.

Overall, this is a great shampoo for reducing shedding and promoting skin and coat health in your dog, so if you want an affordable, effective option for reducing excess hair in your pet, Shed-X’s Shed Control Shampoo might be the choice you want to consider.


  • Nourishes the skin to a great extent
  • Gently cleanses the skin and releases excess hair
  • Long-lasting fragrance that will leave your dog feeling amazing
  • Great for reducing shedding
  • Promotes healthy skin and coat


  • Might not be much effective for dogs with extra-long hair.
  • the lid of some pieces is leaked and unsecured


In the article shared above, we have carefully studied various products which can reduce your pet’s shedding and balding. In order to choose the best one from them, you must consider what is best for your dog. For example, if he/she has sensitive skin, then it would be better to go with a hypoallergenic pet shampoo.

As a dog owner, you must make sure that you choose the best shampoo for dogs with skin issues because keeping your pet clean, happy, and itch-free should be your priority! If you find this article helpful, do let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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